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Mini Split HVAC System for heating and cooling

Most of us think of central air-conditioning and heating unit as the most ideal option for heating and cooling. It is undoubtedly ideal but certain factors like older house or if you already have a central system and wants additional space conditioning without resizing your existing system, makes it unsuitable. In such cases a ductless mini split unit is an ideal choice. It is smaller in size and operates with lesser noise hence is very convenient to heat or cool individual rooms. It constitutes of two main components the outdoor condensing unit and the indoor evaporator unit. Since this type of unit does not require any ducts the installation procedure is very easy. Only a few hours are all that is needed for installing this unit. A small hole of 3 inch diameter is drilled through the wall through which the indoor and the outdoor units are connected.

The only disadvantage of the unit is that its indoor unit is big hence will be visible when entering the room. It is usually installed in the wall or the ceiling and cannot be concealed. Its price varies from $1500 to $6000 depending on the capacity and the model. Since these units pumps conditioned air directly to the rooms attached there won’t be any air leaks. This makes mini split to use lesser energy than central units. If you install a thermostat then it will help you save even more energy. Moreover most of the split units now come with energy star ratings and are also qualified for state tax incentives.