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Micro Apartments and its features

Owning an apartment in New York City is becoming more and more expensive. Once you some how manage to own an apartment the cost for maintenance is another concern. Expenses for installing an air conditioner and heating unit, its running cost, repair charges and other household expenses have to be borne from your meager income left after paying for the housing loan. This is where the concept of micro apartments becomes a boon for you. In a micro apartment space saving solutions is its positive point. This type of housing solution is a feasible one for single people who wants to live in New York. These apartments will have only 400 square feet space where space saving designs is adopted so as to fit all the basic features of a full fledged home.


The rent for such small apartment in New York is around $2000 per month. It is estimated that there are many singles from households living alone and they are willing to migrate to the crowded city of New York where the price for apartments are very high. Such micro apartments will seem to be an attractive housing solution for them especially if they fall under the category of single working group. They will also find a micro apartment more economical to own and maintain. Some Micro apartments even provide a faux terrace to make it look more spacious. Don’t thing that these homes are cheap to own. All homes in New York are expensive to own. Be it a micro apartment or luxury apartment you will have to make a considerable investment to own one.