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Maintenance for your central air conditioner

If your central air conditioner is properly maintained all through the year then it will provide you many years of uninterrupted cooling. Apart from regular maintenance spending some time every month to do things that will ensure proper functioning of the unit will help run the unit smoothly. Check your outside unit and trim all grasses and branches that will lead to accumulation of debris around the outside unit. A dirty casement would mean additional strain while functioning. Shrubs and other plants need to be trimmed. Since a central air conditioner functions to cool a large area any additional strain on the unit would result in steep rise of your energy bill. Ductwork is another most ignored part of a central air conditioner. We never bother to open it or look what is inside it. It need to be checked every year because there are possibility for the passage to be blocked by dirt, rodents and  other foreign particles which can lead to clogs thus blocking air flow and putting more strain on the unit.

Cleaning the air filter of a central air conditioner every month is the basic thing to do to ensure clean air inside the building. A central air conditioner requires all the vents to be closed and insulated so if the filters are clogged the pollutants will circulate within the building and will not find its way outside the airtight building. So the inhabitants will be forced to breathe the contaminated air making them sick and leading to serious health concerns.