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Maintaining your central air conditioning unit

During summer when it is scorching hot outside, relaxing in an air conditioned room is a great relief. A central air conditioning system is commonly found in malls and office buildings but inside a house it is rarely installed as it is very expensive. If installed in a house it can cool all rooms simultaneously. So if you want to enjoy the luxury then get it installed in your house. But remember this unit is not easy to install and requires the service of a professional technician so if you are planning to install or repair such a unit always seek for professional help. The cost varies according to the size and brand of the unit. Now the SEER or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating is considered while purchasing the unit. The federal regulation of 13 or higher SEER is mandatory.

We rely on our air conditioner so much in summer season that it is hard for us to think even a day without it. In order to keep any air conditioner function non stop without any failure regular maintenance is a must. So forget about costly repairs and replacement options for a long time with regular maintenance. Popular brands recommend proper maintenance of the unit to last longer. If you ignore your air conditioner maintenance schedule then it will start losing its efficiency. An estimated 5% efficiency is lost every year if the air conditioner is not maintained properly. Apart from the regular maintenance schedules homeowners can follow certain measures to keep the air conditioning function at its highest efficiency. The following link will guide you on how to look after your cooling unit. http://ktrapp.hubpages.com/hub/central-air-conditioning-units-maintenance-tips