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Know more about your heating system

 Furnaces and heaters are often used for heating a living space. Most heating system work using gas or oil as fuel though there are electric powered heating unit the gas and oil ones are more popular. Heating of a room takes place on the principle – hot air moves from warm place to a cooler place. So the furnace blows hot air so as to eventually heat the room. As soon as you on your furnace it starts consuming energy so as to produce hot air. The hot air is channeled through ducts and pipes which is then passed through the room through registers and radiators. Earlier furnaces heated water to produce hot air. The hot water is then passed through pipes that pass through the floors, walls and ceilings. Such units are not preferred these days. 

The modern heating systems are not only energy efficient but are also good for the environment as they help in reducing pollution. The most safest and environmental friendly heating option is the solar heating system. The installation cost of a solar unit is higher as compared to an electric unit. A heat pump is different from an ordinary heating unit and is more beneficial in areas where the climatic conditions are moderate. The device can be used to pump in heat for heating your room as well as pump out heat to cool your room. To keep your heat pumps functioning well you need to get it maintained annually by a professional moreover the air filters have to be replaced whenever it gets dirty.