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Is it time to change your HVAC filter?

Maintaining HVAC filters and ensuring that it is kept clean is important for the well being of your cooling unit. Clean filters ensure clean indoor air. The filter of both commercial and residential HVAC unit has to be maintained and cleaned at regular intervals. A clean filter ensures comfortable temperature, clean air and reduced energy bill. Before changing or cleaning the filter of your HVAC unit try to understand more about the unit. Read the manual to check whether the filter of your HVAC system is a washable one or a disposable one. Find out the name and model of the air conditioner to get the right filter for replacing old ones if the filters are disposable ones.  If the filter is a reusable one then all you have to do is remove the filter by opening the case and sliding it out. Wash the filter in warm water and mild detergent and rinse thoroughly. After you have rinsed it sundry the filter and then replace it.

If you have a disposable one then you can remove the old filter and take it to the store to get the right size and model. The recommended filter change interval is between 40 to 60 days. But if you have pets in your house you need to increase the frequency. A dirty filter will reduce the efficiency of the unit so check and get it changed whenever required. If you have model number and size of the filter then you can purchase it online at reduced price.