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Insulating ducts of a commercial building

Ducts are passages for passing conditioned air hence its importance is self explanatory. It is crucial in maintaining a set air temperature within the building. In order to make a central heating system of a commercial building efficient it is quite essential to layer the ducts with insulation materials. The most common used material for commercial ducts works are galvanised steel and aluminium. Since these materials are easily available they are vastly used. The main advantages of such materials are that they are heavy and difficult to transport as well as install. A material known as polyurethane has been engineered to enable thermal insulation. It is a type of plastic that is highly flexible. Though the initial installation of this insulation lining may be high its benefits are reflected in the long run.

Polyurethane panel linings in commercial buildings ensure low duct maintenance costs. A duct system that is not insulated means more energy consumption and decreased efficiency. With such duct system the unit will have to work more. In short it means extra amount every month on utility bills. Apart from the loss that you have to face every month you are also leaving a larger carbon foot print as the wasted heat leaks out of your home impacting the environment. A rocketing utility bill means you need to fix an appointment with a HVAC professional and then get your duct work checked for damages and repair or insulate them if necessary. Make sure the technician you hire is experienced and licensed, any local handy man won’t be able to solve these types of issues.