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Inspecting duct works of a commercial building

It is through the ducts that the conditioned air is passed throughout a building. A duct of a HVAC unit consists of a huge network of interconnected metal pipes. It is through these pipes the hot air that we require to heat the building is passed through. It is important for the duct works to be installed in the right manner so as to ensure that the unit works efficiently. An unobstructed air flow is what helps us determine whether the ducts are working fine and is problem free. Only HVAC professionals can install the ducts properly. Everything is vital in a duct work, the proper sizing, material, insulation etc. It is through these ducts that stale air is removed from the building and fresh air is blown in.

An air filter is usually fixed at the opening of a duct which is for purifying the air thus helping to circulate fresh air inside the building. These filters have to be cleaned on a regular basis so as to maintain a healthy environment within the commercial building. The filter attracts all allergens, dust and other impurities. It has to be replaced within a couple of months. A properly sized and insulated duct work with clean filter is an asset for the commercial building as it helps the heating unit to use lesser energy thus being more efficient. Checking the ducts at least once every year will ensure an efficiently functioning duct system. If the duct work in your commercial building is not insulated then it is important to insulate it so as to prevent any heat loss.