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Inspecting a commercial HVAC system

It is obvious that a HVAC unit in commercial space has to be maintained at regular intervals. Apart from the usual maintenance schedules it is also very important to check the unit on your own so as to ensure that there is nothing wrong with the machine. Even the slightest abnormality has to be reported at the HVAC Company whom you have entrusted the task for maintenance. If such signs are ignored until the next maintenance schedule then things may go wrong in between and will even effect the normal functioning of the unit. Filters and belts are areas that you need to frequently check in a commercial building. Once you find out that the air filters have become dirty or the belt has worn out then you need to call a HVAC contractor to replace it as soon as possible.

Dust and dirt gets collected near the coil of the unit and for the unit to function efficiently it is important to ensure that it is free from it. It can even damage the unit and decrease its efficiency so any build-up has to be removed with the help of a professional. If the unit fails to cool or heat to the set temperature then it means that the unit needs to be repaired and most probably the problem will be with the thermostat. Replacing the thermostat might solve the problem. Also check the duct work for clogs and dust. Keeping clean the ducts will ensure safer breathing space within the commercial building.