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Increased rebates for adopting Solar Water Heating Technology

The Californians are now lucky as they can avail for higher rebates by switching to solar water heating system. The good news was announced by the CPUC, which is the state’s Public Utility Commission. CPUC approving the whopping 45% rebate for adopting solar technology all through the state offered through the CSI (California Solar Initiative) will soon make California an energy efficient and greener country. Such increased rebates can in fact encourage people to switch to energy efficient methods. This is a very good scheme that needs to be implemented in other states as well. The 45 % rebate is now available to single family homes and for commercial and more than one family occupied home the owners can avail up to 13.33% rebate.

 This rebate can be a reason for people in California to replace their energy consuming electricity and natural gas water heaters. This is the most increased rate of rebate that makes it very attractive. The rebate is applicable to every one who has applied after July 3rd 2012. One of the main factors that influence the rate of rebate is the amount of energy the system can displace. By switching to solar technology you will also be able to gain the extra benefit of reduction in the federal Investment Tax Credit. If you already have electrical or gas water heater you can use it in coordination with the solar heating unit. Solar unit heats water with the help of suns rays and are stored in a big tank. This heated water can be used any where inside the building by connecting with pipes.