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Improving the air quality of your house

Huge investments are made every summer to ward us from the scorching heat and humidity outside. Though we make every effort to stay comfortable at any cost during the summer have we ever thought about whether the air circulating inside our house is pure or not? Are we breathing clean and fresh air? We may not smell or see unusual things but the air inside can be dirty to such an extent that it will make you sick and you will still not sense the truth as there won’t be any visible evidence. Molds for example can make some people really sick. If you don’t get rid of it in the beginning then it will start spreading and will make it difficult and more expensive to clean at a later stage. People who are sensitive to molds need to take care of it. It is during hot and humid climate that these molds thrive hence check the sensitive areas like the areas around the air conditioner, window frames and other areas of your house.

Besides molds there are other pollutants that can cause serious impact on your health.  Keeping your home cool and dry can get rid of the molds. Tackling the other intruders like pollens, dust mites, insects are even more difficult. These allergens go unnoticed hence making the inhabitants sick. So don’t let them collect and breed inside your house. Cleaning your air conditioner filters regularly is a must to keep the pollutants at bay. Clean the condenser, the fan and the drain pipe. Call for professional help if you find it difficult to handle it yourself.