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How your heating and cooling system functions

Almost all homes now have a heating and a cooling system and we are least bothered on the details of how these units work and take it for granted. All that we want from our heating and cooling system is to make the temperature within the house comfortable for us. When something goes wrong with the unit our natural instinct will be to call for professional help. We won’t even check once to confirm whether the damage is small and can be repaired by us. This is because we have no idea how the whole system works. Hence it is very important that we know at least the basics of heating and cooling systems.


All climate control appliances comprises basically of three components. 1) Warm or cool air source. 2) Component that helps in distributing the cold or warm air. 3) Component that can help to regulate the flow. If you are facing a malfunctioning problem with your HVAC unit then the problem will be with any one of these components. A furnace will force heat to the air so that your home will be heated and an air conditioner pulls out hot air to make your home cooler. We know that all climate control appliances require fuel to operate. Air conditioners are run using electricity and a heating unit functions by burning electricity, gas, oil or other fuels. When your unit stops functioning check these three components and if it is a minor problem like clogs or a blown fuse then you can fix it yourself.