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How to prevent Heat Leaks

Rising energy bills and inefficient heating are major concerns in most of the households in US. Often these matters are left without doing anything. Unless a unit breaks down completely we never pay attention to such matters. If your house is facing the problem of heat bleeding then it should be fixed as soon as possible so as to save energy from wasting. If your house or room is suffering from a heat bleed then you need to check where the heat is escaping and seal those areas properly so that your room will be heated faster and comfortably. Inadequate insulation and out dated HVAC systems are two major reasons leading to more energy consumption and wastage of energy. If you are living in an older home then you can expect a heat leak somewhere around.

Replace your old appliances with a more energy efficient one. Don’t think that new houses are heat proof and hence heat does not escape. Certain things like gaps near the windows can result in energy loss so check the window to see if they sealed it and have properly insulated it. Also get regular maintenance for your heating and cooling unit so that they are made to function more efficiently. Certain research reveals that around $5.6 billions every year are lost due to a heat bleed. There are websites that can help you estimate the amount of heat is wasted from your house. The tool also helps you to find out the amount of money that is wasted every year.