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How to maintain your air conditioning system

It is important that we take care of our air conditioning system by scheduling regular maintenance with a reputed HVAC company. Check the unit’s manual to understand how it can be maintained and what all things have to be done to maintain its efficiency and increase its durability. A few maintenance instructions will be mentioned in the manual like changing filters which you need to follow on a regular basis. By choosing an annual maintenance schedule for your HVAC unit it will be taken care of by the HVAC Company with whom you have signed the deal. Other than the annual maintenance a few regular maintenance works are essential for your cooling system to function efficiently. Checking the condenser unit is one thing you need to do almost every week. It is easy and doesn’t require any expert help. Go near the unit and check if any grass or dried leaves are obstructing the unit if so remove them. It is important that you keep the area around the outdoor unit free from all debris.

Another most important part that you need to check and clean regularly is the filter of the cooling unit. If you want the air circulating inside your house clean then it is important that you clean the air conditioner unit’s filter regularly. Again the filter cleaning method differs some can be washed and reused while there are filter that are disposable hence need to be replaced with a new one. Some filters may last up to six months and some needs to be changed every month. Read the manual and follow the instructions accordingly.