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How to lower the energy bill of your HVAC unit

You will have to tolerate the heat and cold outside as you have no other option but you need not have to bear the same inside your house on installing a HVAC unit. A good working heating and air conditioning unit in your house will make your home comfortable. A HVAC system has now become a necessity to keep you comfortable all through the year during the summer as well as winter months but running it all through the year is too much burden on your wallet. Circulating the conditioned air from your air conditioner with the help of a fan can cool a room faster thus saving you some amount of money. Closing the drapes will prevent the heat or cold from entering inside the room. Turning off the unit when you are going out of the house will also save you a lot of money. Installing a programmable thermostat will help you lower your energy bill.

Set the thermostat a little higher during the summer and lower during winter this will help you put a check on your energy bill. Also ensure that nothing blocks the air flow from your HVAC system. If there is any kind of furniture blocking the air flow then move it to another location. Regular maintenance of the unit and the air duct is another important factor that can help you lower your energy bill. Check the unit a few weeks before it is put to use so as to ensure an optimum efficiency for the unit.