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How to keep your home warm through out winter

If you want to keep your home warm when it is cold outside then read on to know various efficient ways to break the cold. To start with check the following aspects, whether the registers are closed and if it is closed then open it to let hot air flow freely. If the coil of your furnace is dirty or clogged then get them cleaned by a technician. A clogged coil will prevent the unit from sufficiently heating the room. If the room has too much furniture and drapes then it will block the heat thus won’t sufficiently heat the room. It is through the ducts that the heat is transferred to the rooms. The slightest block in the ducts will obstruct heat flow hence make you feel cold. Check the dampers, if closed will prevent heat flow.

If the thermostat is located in a warm place then it will prevent efficient heat flow thus failing to keep the room warm. If the windows have gaps and are not properly sealed then cold air will seep inside and warm air will leak outside thus making the rooms cold. Make sure your windows are tight to ensure that the heat stays inside to keep the room warm for long hours. Insulating your attic and walls properly will ensure that there is no heat loss. Prevent all heat loss that are resulting from leaks which can be achieved with proper insulation and by doing so you can beat the chilling cold weather and make your house cozy even at the coldest days of winter. Check http://k9keystrokes.hubpages.com/hub/10-Simple-Ways-to-Warm-up-a-Cold-Room to find 10 interesting ways to keep your house warm.