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How to extend the life of your air conditioner

An air conditioner is dearer to you than what you actually consider about it. It is when the unit stops functioning that you would realize its worth. Don’t take your air conditioner for granted until the unit gives you a nightmare by breaking down in the middle of the summer. Though you would be able to repair it, if it breaks down during summer you will not get it fixed immediately. In order to avoid such situations you will have to ensure regular maintenance. Ignoring maintenance will reduce the life span of your air conditioner. Since you are spending a lot of money on its installation you would want it to work more than 15 years and to make it possible you will have to take care of the unit and maintain it at regular intervals. Professional maintenance service once a year will ensure year long efficiency. If such maintenance is not provided then chances for freezing and shorting out are very high.

With proper maintenance you can not only extend the life of the unit but also reduce your energy bill. While searching for a professional service, ensure that they will provide you a satisfactory service at a reasonable price. Ask for an estimate and if they refuse to give one check for other options. It is also very crucial to install the unit with the help of professionals. A unit that is not properly installed would function less efficiently. Such units will strain more to function eventually damaging the unit much earlier than its optimum life span.