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How to eliminate molds and mildews

Mold and mildews can lead to many harmful health consequences. Allergic reactions, running nose, dry cough, skin rashes etc happen because of the presence of mold which can spread like fire if not controlled and got ridden of in the beginning. To get rid of it you need to understand how they grow. Mold grows in humid climate it can be found inside as well as outside your house. It grows faster in damp regions. Pay attention to keep your house dry so as to prevent the growth of mold. The bacterial growth if not controlled can spread to larger areas and cause many health problems. It will also release a bad smell thus making your home unpleasant to live. By cooling your home during summer will help you get rid of the mold. There are humidity control air conditioners available in the market. If you are planning to install an air conditioner then ask for a humidity control air conditioner for a more comfortable and mold free environment.

Look areas in the bathroom, under kitchen sink, air conditioning vents etc for molds. Air conditioner can keep your place dry and mold free but molds may grow in the vents hence it is quite essential that you service your air conditioner before summer so as to ensure a mold free indoor environment. For a cleaner and safer environment it is important that you follow a routine cleaning process. The presence of mold is not at favourable to old people and children as they are the worst affected.