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How to double the Nation’s Energy Savings

The US Department of Energy’s NREL researchers have found out that by using energy more efficiently can be as good as discovering new methods of producing energy efficiently. Members of the Alliance to save energy commission recommends by increasing energy productivity can lead to a number of new jobs and can help save about $1000 every year for households. Moreover it can also reduce carbon imprints. The ASE are on their way to achieve their goals that includes promoting energy efficient heating and cooling solutions, upgrading energy infrastructures, spread wide spread awareness  on the importance of reducing energy wastage.


Arvizu of the ASE commission has revealed that the energy efficient methods have brought in positive changes in the nation. He also made the point clear that the energy efficient developments from the past three decades have made the country cut down its energy consumption rate to half of what it had been in the past. NREL over the pat years have achieved excellence in bringing energy efficiency solutions. The NREL suggests that the nation give emphasis on more efficient buildings because buildings like factories and hospitals consume large amount of energy and hence need to adopt efficient ways to curb energy consumption. They have also helped New Orleans come up with 40 new energy efficient schools and have also helped to remodel 38 more schools that have been devastated by Hurricane Katrina. The made from the schools amount to around $75000 per school every year. So if one school can contribute this much amount from energy efficiency then can you imagine how much savings can US make out of the nations 100,000 public schools?