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How an air conditioner functions

When an air conditioner starts to function we may wonder how the device is proficiently working without failing to cool the room. An air conditioner pulls out hot air and circulates cold air cooling the room at a comfortable level in the process. The main components of the unit are as follows, refrigerant, compressor, evaporator coil and condenser, and expansion valve. The different types of air conditioners are as follows, Window AC, Split AC, and central AC. The refrigerant is the main component of the unit and also helps in pumping out heat circulating inside the room. A refrigerant works by transforming gas vapor to a liquid state. A unique feature of a refrigerant is that it has got a low boiling point hence can easily change from a liquid state to vapor. Once the vapors are formed they pass through the compressor. When they pass through the compressor the pressure of the hot vapor is increased.

From the compressor these hot vapors are passed through the condenser. It is in this area that the hot vapor is cooled and when cooled is transformed to hot liquid. The high pressure hot liquid refrigerant passes through the expansion valve. As it reaches the end of the valve it cools up. It now transformed to a low pressure liquid that is cold and is moved on to the evaporator coil. This cycle continues until you switch of the unit. The cooled air is pushed out of the unit hence making the air around you comfortable.