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Home energy saver online forum launching soon

Berkley Lab and Home energy magazine have recently launched a very interesting online forum especially for homeowners and remodeling contractors. The home energy saver community forum is a very good media for people to interact on matters regarding remodeling projects and how they can make their home more energy efficient. This is similar to most of the social media where people can interact on matters relating to their home remodeling projects making their home more comfortable to live and also will help to make your home more energy efficient.

The online home energy save community was launched recently in March 2013 and even features the most awaited contents from the forth coming publication ‘No Regrets Remodeling’ part two and blogs on energy savings. You can also download a free calendar that can be used to track energy saving to do list. Moreover this calendar can be imported to your own calendar. The home energy magazine is planning to publish the book’s hard and e-book version by spring. The book will also provide various do it yourself energy saving evaluation tools that can help you retrieve a list of methods that can lower your energy bills according to your locality, home and local energy prices. What most consumers look for while investing in remodeling projects is whether it will be worth the money spend and wouldn’t later turn out to be a mistake that they will be regretting in the future.

In this forum you can also share your own insights and refer to expert advices for heating repair or other related topics. Let us all be a part of the forum by clicking: hes.lbl.gov/community.