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Home energy audit for improving efficiency


When it is hot outside your requirement will be for cooling your house and when it is cold outside the requirement is just the opposite as you will want to heat your home. Regardless the requirements of heating and cooling have you ever thought about the efficiency of the unit that is put to work for the purpose? Since conditioned air passes or moves through the walls, ceiling and floor, chances are high that it can leak through the cracks or gaps in these areas, other areas where the air escape is likely to happen is through the windows and doors. There are other areas through which a considerable amount of air leaks can happen; these areas are often overlooked by us. The areas include around plumbing vents, wall electrical outlets etc. Do you know that air can leak even through small gaps around the switches? If you can prevent such air leaks then you will be able to save considerable amount of energy.


Consider insulating your home so as to make it air leak proof. If you have attics then do not forget to insulate it. Air infiltration can lead to more energy consumption hence for reducing consumption you will have to seal your home properly. Conducting an energy audit can help you in improving energy efficiency. By checking your home for air leaks and finding out ways to seal them will help you in improving the energy efficiency of your house. More over proper maintenance of the appliance is also equally important to keep it running in a highly efficient manner.