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Home audits – energy to operate central air system is wasted

Did you know that around 30% of your homes energy bill is from lack of proper insulation while operating your central air cooling and heating unit? If you have a central unit then you will be able to make out the difference by checking the temperature in different rooms. If one room heats or cools faster than the other room then it means that there is air flow leak and need to be sealed for better cooling or heating. Your energy bill will also reflect the difference if the rooms are not properly sealed. You need to go through a home energy audit to find out where all the energy is wasted out. By doing so you will be able to find out the loop holes and find solution to rectify them after which you will be able to make a considerable savings from your energy bill.


Now if you feel it’s hard to find out the actual cause for an increased energy bill you can always call for professional help. They may charge you a fee some where around $300 to $ 500 but the amount can be recovered soon out of the energy costs you will be saving from attaining an energy efficient house. The energy auditor will schedule an appointment and arrive to check your house for energy leaks. Your home will be then tested for thermal envelope (how well your home is insulated), leakage rate (whether there are gaps under doors or windows), appliances (such as heaters, air conditioner etc.), lighting system (like bulbs that consume more energy are checked for replacing with energy efficient ones.) You may have to bear the expenses for replacing or repairing a few things around your house but it is worth as you will be saving a lot of energy in the process.