High-Efficiency Furnace and Boiler Services in Kenvil, NJ

High-Efficiency Furnace and Boiler Services in Kenvil, New Jersey

If you are looking for a quality heating system from certified technicians you can trust, then contact Air Temp. We offer complete heating service in Kenvil, New Jersey. Air Temp installs and repairs all types of boilers and furnaces for both residential and commercial properties.

Our technicians recommend high-efficiency boilers and furnaces for your next purchase. High-efficiency systems offer improved performance for less money each month. We can custom install a high-efficiency unit for small homes or larger commercial structures.

To find out more about the services and products we offer, call us today at 1-800-969-1232.

Should I Choose a High-Efficiency Boiler or Furnace in Kenvil, NJ?

Good question.

If you’re replacing a standard efficiency furnace, installing a high-efficiency unit may be the answer you’ve been looking for if your goal is to save money all around. Here are some questions to consider:

  • Where will you place the furnace?
  • Is your goal energy efficiency?
  • What is the floor plan of your home or business?
  • How much are you currently spending on heating system operational costs?
  • Is your current system costing you too much money all around?

Comparing AFUE Ratings for Heating Systems in Kenvil, New Jersey

A standard efficiency furnace or boiler provides 80% annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE). What this means is that 20% of the energy produced by natural gas escapes the system. By contrast, a high-efficiency system provides 90% or more AFUE, thereby, giving it a higher AFUE rating. The bottom line: a 90% AFUE high-efficiency furnace or boiler is more efficient than an 80% standard system.

So where do you notice the real difference between a traditional model and a high-efficiency model?

  • Cost: There are several cost factors. For instance, you’ll want to consider the installation costs including placement of the new unit, overall energy or gas consumption, and repairs or maintenance over the years.
  • Comfort: In a side-by-side comparison, a high-energy modern boiler or furnace distributes more air through a building’s interior. The result is a more balanced comfort in every room. Plus, it doesn’t take more energy to maintain a high comfort level.
  • Carbon emission: Studies have shown that a high-efficiency produces less carbon dioxide than an older system. In most cases, newer furnaces or boilers produce between 50 and 80 percent less than other models.
  • Certified: High-efficiency systems get high marks from SEER ratings, AFUE ratings, and ENERGY STAR. In all three cases, they’re the choice due to their impressive performance in both residential and commercial properties.

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Mitsubishi Mini-Split Ductless Units in Kenvil, New Jersey

If you are looking for an alternative to central heating for you home or business, the check out the benefits of Mitsubishi Mini-Split Ductless Units. Air Temp offers complete installation and upkeep of ductless units in Kenvil, New Jersey.

Your Local Kenvil, New Jersey Furnace and Boiler Installer

If you have any further questions about high-efficiency heating systems, contact your local Air Temp technician. We offer full installation, repair, and maintenance for all types of heating system in Kenvil, New Jersey.

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About the City of Kenvil, New Jersey

Kenvil is an unincorporated community located within the Roxbury Township in Morris County, New Jersey. It was originally called McCainsville until the name changed in 2010.

Kenvil NJ is known for the explosions at the Hercules Powder Factory dynamite plant in the mid-1900’s. They had two explosions in 1934. They were five months apart. The first one killed 4 workers and the second killed two. One day in September 1940, the plant had a series of big explosions leveling 20 buildings. 51 workers died as a result of those blasts with over 200 more injured.

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