Heating Repair Services in Bergen NJ

In most cases, homeowners in Bergen NJ take their heating systems for granted until eventually they’re in need of a heating system repair.  Or at least increasing energy consumption has already become fairly visible. Air Temp Service Co., will be more than obliged to help you see the significance and all the great benefits you can enjoy out of a highly efficient heating system.

We do boiler and furnace repairs in Bergen NJ not just to resolve specific technical issues but to help you come up with cost-effective heating units.

And here are simply some of the reasons why we’re the best choice for heating repair in NJ:

  • Be 100% confident on our heating system and furnace repairs as licensed and time-tested HVAC specialists in Bergen New Jersey.
  • We do repairs for both immediate and future technical and end-user issues.
  • We are most reliable in doing the fastest on-site heating system and furnace repairs in Bergen NJ. All our service trucks are equipped with the mostly needed repair parts and tools.
  • Most of our diagnoses on heating system issues are derived within 1 hour or less.
  • We offer enticing budget deals during winter and throughout the entire year.

You call, we haul!

Emergency HVAC and furnace repairs in NJ have always been our top priority. Being the most reliable HVAC service provider in the state of New Jersey, we always see to it that all emergency calls from our valued customers are answered and resolved at the fastest possible time.

We fully understand the urgency of having a malfunctioning furnace or boiler repaired especially during winter which is simply why we make sure that every home and business establishment in New Jersey has a reliable heating system when it’s freezing cold outside.

And we can even serve you much better and faster if you know the symptoms to consider before calling us.

Here are some of them:

  • Malfunctioning thermostat / screen goes blank or with broken digits. (Boilers and Furnaces)
  • Malfunctioning water feeder. (Boilers)
  • Pilot Out. (Boilers and Furnaces)
  • Water leaking among valves such as the blow off valve and back flow preventer. (Boilers)
  • Non-responsive combustion motor. (Furnaces)
  • Malfunctioning blower motor. (Furnaces)
  • Non-responsive igniter. (Boilers)
  • Non-responsive motor damper. (Boilers)
  • Too short heating time. (Furnaces)
  • Zone valve does not open. (Boilers)

Even when you still want to keep your old boiler or furnace that has been with you for 10 to 20 long years, we can make it as effective as the new models that you can see in the market today.

You can depend on Air Temp Service Co., for accurate and honest evaluation on your current heating system and help you decide if it’s best to improve house insulation and air tightness, repair or insulate ductwork, or acquire a tune up for your unit.

New Installations

Installation of your new heating system is something that you want to be get done without any delay, especially if you are in NJ, where it is bone chilling cold during the winter season. While installing a new heating system in your house it is important that you consult an expert and licensed heating installation company like ours so as to get the installation process done in the right manner. Our heating system installation services provided to hundreds of residential and commercial buildings in NJ has ensured them highly efficient and uninterrupted heating solution throughout the year. We never keep our clients waiting and we always make sure to arrive for the installation as soon as someone calls to make an appointment.

We provide expert services under the guidance of qualified gas safe registered technicians. Our installation optimizes the use of energy thus providing you the benefit of lower electricity bill. We also provide the most economical and affordable installation services. Our modest fee and our expert services will definitely satisfy you. We also take every single job crucially by providing utmost attention to every job we undertake. We aim to provide you with guaranteed services for heating installation so if you have any concerns on post installation procedures then it will be sorted out at our expense. Our technicians are well qualified and are experts in installing all types, makes and brands of heating units in both residential as well as commercial buildings. We can also help you to convert your existing furnace or boiler fueled by oil to gas.


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