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Step Up Efficiency while Cutting Down your Energy Costs by having a state of the art heating installation done in Bergen NJ.

All of us here at Air Temp Service Cop., know that heating systems can become a huge financial constraint for homeowners as they comprise a large portion on monthly energy bills among a lot of homes and business establishments throughout the state of New Jersey.

And we can help you acquire the best solution possible through new and cost effective boilers, heaters, and furnaces. Unlike their older predecessors, new models of heating systems have 95% to 100% AFUE ratings. Apart from that, your home’s global footprint will be significantly reduced helping you do your part in solving environmental problems.

Why you should replace your old heating system…

Your old boiler or furnace may seem to be working perfectly but it doesn’t mean that it’s totally ok. In fact, technical experts in the field of HVAC services have found out, that owners of old heating systems are spending more for lesser output.

Older models of boilers, water heaters, and furnaces are found out to be only about 50% to 70% efficient against energy consumed. This simply means that only about half of the total energy consumed are converted into usable heat while the remaining 30% to 50% escapes into other places such as chimneys, pipes, ducts, and into the outside environment of the house.

Old heating systems especially those that have been used for 10 to 20 years or more are most likely to malfunction without you noticing it and this forces the owner to further invest on unnecessary purchases.

On the other hand, newer models of heating systems are specifically designed and built to deliver optimum outputs against energy consumed. And we can help you go through the entire process of new heating system installations.

There can be a wide variety of factors that dictate immediate service and repair on your old units. And some of them are:

  • If you have been using your heating system for 20 years or more.
  • If you have recently converted an old model coal burner of yours to oil or gas.
  • If your gas furnace comes with an induced draft fan.

Choosing the right heating system for your home

Before we move ahead with new heating system installations, we can help you decide which specific type of heating unit your house requires. Deciding whether to go for a heater, boiler, or furnace plays a big role in achieving optimum results out of your heating needs.

Heating systems differ from each other in various aspects such as their heating method, functionality, physical appearance, pressurized system applications, cost, and others more. Our highly experienced technicians can help you come up with evaluations throughout the entire physical structure of your home or business establishment which will be a crucial factor in deciding which specific type of heating system to acquire.

Air Temp, Your Dependable Experts in Heating System Installations

Boilers and furnaces are complex heating systems that require a great deal of expertise for them to be properly installed. For more than a decade, most New Jersey residents have been relying on Air Temp to do all the hard work.

In fact, you don’t have to do anything since we do all the work for you and leave your home even cleaner than before we stepped in. We service all brands, types, and sizes of heating systems fast and effective. Through our long testedinstallation services, you will be able lasting results from your new heating system in no time.

Oil to Gas

If you have an oil fueled hot water heating system or a boiler or a furnace then it is time that you think of switching to gas for a cheaper and cleaner option to fulfill your heating requirements. By converting your old oil fueled heating system to gas you can save up to 50% from the operating cost. Well, money saved is money earned so call us now so that we can send our experts immediately to check your existing heating system and suggest various options to help you cut down your energy bill.

To control your ever rising heating cost and to stop your money from vaporizing in the air, call us for a free consultation. Our expert technicians will come to your house to check and suggest various options to help you utilize your heating system in the most economical way. Conversion from oil to gas is something that people now consider to be the ultimate solution for an efficient heating and cooling system. So pick up your phone to set up an appointment with Air Temp. We will reach your home to provide you a free estimation of the conversion charges involved as well as the prospective savings you are going to make within a year from your heating system.

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