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Greater ROI and More Comfortable Homes in New Jersey Through AirTemp’s High Efficiency Furnaces in Bergen NJ

Energy Efficient Furnaces

It is without a doubt that maintaining a heating system inside your home or within your office can be a very expensive endeavor especially if you are just depending on an older or typical furnace to do all the work. You would either just get high monthly energy bills or end up hurting your pocket from expensive repair and maintenance costs. But suffer no more from such poorly planned and initiated investment. Our high efficiency furnaces perform to the highest of heating standards while keeping your operating costs on a low.

Why do you need a high efficiency furnace?

In most cases, furnaces in Bergen New Jersey have around a 75% efficiency rate. This simply means that 25% of the fuel consumed is wasted off along the way. Furthermore, costs of oil and natural gas, which are the primary types of fuel used for home and commercial furnaces in Bergen New Jersey, are consistently on the rise, making your investment for your heating system a very expensive one.

Benefits of AirTemp high efficiency furnaces…

There are definitely a lot of things to love about making your home equipped with a highly efficient furnace. And listed below are just some of them:

  • Typical or common heating systems used by most homes in New Jersey are only at 75% to 80% efficient compared to our high efficiency systems which are at 90% and above.

  • Break the odds and start enjoying significantly reducing monthly energy bills despite high fuel costs upon replacing your old furnace with one of our high efficiency models.
  • Fed up with your old furnace’s annoying noise as you turn it on? AirTemp high efficiency furnaces are built to perform at top functionality but with very minimal operating noise.
  • Our furnaces can deliver a noticeably even heating throughout all areas of the house or office.

And we never leave our customers behind…

We do more than just helping you install your new furnace into your home or office. Before everything else, we help you redesign your home for it to become properly insulated thus, energy efficient. We also help each valued client choose the right model and size of a highly efficient furnace that would suit best unto his home. And with our reliable repair and maintenance services, you can enjoy all the benefits of your high efficiency furnace for as long as possible.

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