High Efficiency Boilers In Bergen NJ

Achieving Low Operating Costs and Other Advantages through High Efficiency Boilers

High Efficiency Boilers

Most homes in Bergen NJ use boilers or boiler systems to heat up their homes particularly during cold seasons. However, boilers are not as good as they seem especially through time and if your home or office depends on an older model of the said equipment. And this directly leads to gradually increasing operating costs along with high repair and maintenance expenses on the side just to keep the boiler running for the longest time possible. And this is where we step in.

Modulated High Efficiency Boilers

For us here at AirTemp, a high efficiency is not just about significantly reducing your monthly energy bills. More importantly, it is about helping each home in Bergen New Jersey achieve all the benefits and advantages possible from using a high efficiency boiler compared to the conventional ones. Our boilers are state of the art and highly modernized. And with the help of microprocessors, homeowners will be able to accurately modulate the heat output of their equipment instead of just turning them on when needed.

Benefits of High Efficiency Boilers

  • Operating efficiency of AirTemp high efficiency boilers is more than 90% compared to other types and models of the said equipment which just runs around 80% to 90%.

  • Modulation is the key advantage of our high efficiency boilers. This simply means that homeowners in New Jersey will be able to control heat output of their boilers at specific rates.
  • Our boilers are equipped with sensors that help monitor indoor temperature in order to provide the specific amount of heat needed by your home.
  • Enjoy greater savings through significantly lower maintenance and repair expenses through our high efficiency boilers.
  • Modern controls are provided for hassle free and effortless configuration of your boiler’s heating output. Automation also helps in significantly reducing the frequency of going down to your equipment for manual adjustments.

We install, repair, and maintain high efficiency boilers in their top working condition!

If your current circumstances demand the need for a replacement on your old boiler, then don’t hesitate to call AirTemp and our associates will be more than glad to render you the needed installation services as soon as possible. We also provide repair and maintenance agreements to help keep your equipment running in its top condition for the longest time possible.

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