Oil to Gas Conversion Services in Bergen NJ

Enjoy Greater Energy Cost Reductions through our Oil to Gas Conversion Services in Bergen NJ!

As more and more home and business owners in NJ realize the benefits of using natural gas on their heating systems, we further step up on our oil to gas conversion services to satisfactorily meet its increasing demand throughout the entire state of New Jersey.

Being the leading HVAC service provider in different New Jersey towns, Air Temp continues to deliver effective and fast conversion services to all valued customers. Our long line of highly satisfied customers continues to grow, and we have already completed hundreds of successful oil to gas conversions on both homes and business establishments.

Enjoy the advantage of immediately reaping the benefits of using natural gas on your heating system through the hands of our time tested and industry proven technicians. And did we mention that all our services in NJ are consistently enforced with our same day appointments and rapid installations policies.

We do all the work for you!

Upon accepting your call, we simply make sure that your decision of choosing Air Temp as your dependable service provider for your oil to gas conversion needs is fruitful, worth remembering, and of course, stress free.

Yes, having your oil fueled heating system converted to natural gas has never been this relaxing. There are only two things that you need to do and that is to call us and sit back as we get it all done in no time.

We do fast and accurate site evaluations, present appropriate options, secure all the needed permits, and make rapid installation on your new heating equipment.

Apart from the aforesaid NJ services in our Air Temp oil to gas conversion package, we also:

  • Fill out and administer all the needed local service provider paperwork.
  • Acquire tank removals if needed.
  • Ensure your family’s safety through free chimney analysis.

We help you cut costs more effectively and enjoy greater ROIs

We know fully well that saving energy and cutting utility costs on your heating systems is not just about acquiring oil to gas conversions. Such goal can be achieved through various approaches and we make sure that we keep all of our valued customers properly guided being much more than just the state’s typical HVAC service provider.

Programmable thermostat – is one of the most significant factors one must consider when acquiring a new heating system. Such feature helps owners configure the functionality of their heating systems appropriately on specific areas and the level as well as frequency of specific heat required at different times of the day. Therefore, households can enjoy up to 124% of ROI.

Ceiling insulation – This particular form of approach is taken out of one of the most common basic principles of air – hot air rises. By establishing effective insulation throughout the ceiling of the house, homeowners can benefit from considerable ROI by up to 41%.

Flame retention burner – Older heating systems that have been used for about 10 to 20 years can be upgraded with flame retention burners providing ROI to home and business owners by up to 34%. But before acquiring such upgrade on your current / existing heating systems, certain factors must be considered and Air Temp Service Co., will be more than glad to help you out.


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