Enjoying High Efficiency from Your Boilers and Furnaces Only through the Hands of Certified HVAC Experts

Boilers/FurnacesWith rivers literally freezing and ice jammed during winter, there is no doubt that heating systems have become important interior components among homes and business establishments throughout the state of New Jersey. In fact, furnaces and water heaters constitute to about half of the annual energy bills particularly in parts located near the poles.

But here in Air Temp, we believe that no New Jersey resident should spend that much on their heaters. Through our long tested expertise in the field of HVAC services in New Jersey, we can help you significantly reduce your energy consumption without having to compromise the comfort being delivered by your heating systems. With cost-effective heaters, you can effortlessly enjoy warm comfort zones inside your house without hurting your pocket and Mother Nature herself.

Securing High Efficiency from your Boilers and Furnaces

Making sure that your heating system produces the greatest value of heat out of the energy being consumed should be delicately considered by every home or business owner. Efficiency of your boilers and furnaces is measured on the optimum generation of heat by your heating system out of the amount of energy consumed under a specific time frame such as on a daily, monthly, or yearly basis.

This seemingly simple ratio is often referred to as the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency or AFUE. Although manufacturers and distributers of new boilers and furnaces of today are required by the US government to display the AFUE of their units for the sake of their consumers, a lot of home and business owners are still unaware of the efficiency of their old heating units.

We can keep you guided in repairing or replacing your old boiler or furnace if any of the following circumstances are present:

  • If you have been using your furnace or boiler for 20 years or more.
  • If you have had your old coal burner converted to oil or gas.
  • If you are using a heating system that is non-electronic. All electronic boilers and furnaces have AFUE ratings of 95% to 100%.
  • If an old gas furnace comes with an induced draft fan which is the main culprit of greatly reducing the efficiency of your heating system.
  • If you feel unsatisfied with the effectiveness of your recently acquired furnace or boiler. We can help you come up with an accurate evaluation of your current heating system and derive with the needed tune up or upgrade.

Our team of skilled and certified technicians will be more than glad to provide you with all the HVAC solutions that you need for your heating system in a timely fashion and with utmost professionalism.

  • We do all types of repairs from small malfunctions to system wide tune ups.
  • We replace and install new heating systems for you.
  • Is oil too expensive for you? We will convert your heating system from oil to gas in no time.

Heating repair

Regardless of the make and model you own, we at Air Temp have expert technicians to handle all kinds of heating repair and services. Once you make us a call to register your complain we will send our professional technician promptly without having to wait for a long time or call again. When we arrive we inspect your heating system and diagnose all the existing problems with your hot water heating system, boiler or furnace and then provide the most cost effective solution for repairing the unit and restoring it to its peak efficiency.

Trust and entrust the task to us to find out the difference. We are fully licensed and insured for heating repair works hence you can rely on our services. We also offer furnace and boiler repair services at the most reasonable price. Call us now for a free estimate and hire us only if you are fully satisfied with the rates we offer. We also promise to provide you 100 % satisfaction and after repair services if problems are encountered which is least likely to happen. So if you are out of your comfort zone with your heater not functioning then we are only a phone call away to help you restore your heating system to efficient functioning quickly and at affordable rates. We repair only those heating system which are worth repairing and will suggest for a new heating system installation if the unit has become obsolete.

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