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Government’s role in enhancing Nation’s energy efficiency

The government can bring in significant changes in the rate of energy efficiency hence they should work hard on achieving greater efficiency rates that improves every year. The government of America should also establish new policies and regulations to achieve this goal. The aspects that add up quickly to the nation’s energy consumption rate are from appliances like water heaters and air conditioners. In order to encourage people to invest in energy efficient units they need to be constantly reminded about it. An increased energy bill will be a great way to persuade people to switch to energy efficient methods. Remind people that they will at some point of time face the consequence of not being able to afford to pay their energy bills. If the government provides subsidies for those households who have an energy efficient home then it will be a source of encouragement for upgrading to efficient homes.

The government themselves have to be keen on saving energy and follow energy efficient practices thus setting example for its citizens. They should take considerable effort to reduce the rate of energy consumption in offices and other government buildings so as to save a significant amount of energy. This can be achieved by installing renewable source of energy like the solar energy. The government should also give more emphasis and support various research and development programs focusing energy efficiency technologies. The DOE’s improved solid state lighting research program is one such successful program. Even though most countries now have enforced minimum efficiency standards the government has to extend the efficiency standard so that a better efficiency rate can be achieved in the near future.