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Equipment sizing and load calculation for installing a HVAC unit

If you are considering purchasing a heating system for your home then you will have to understand various technical aspects like what BTU stands for etc. BTU is expanded as British Thermal Units. The BTU refers to the heat load. It is the amount of heat the unit will be producing per hour to warm up your space. So the heat load calculation should be done according to the size of the space you want to heat in your house. If the sizing decision is made correctly then you will feel comfortable moreover the cost of heating can also be reduced. If your choice is undersized then you will not feel comfortable as the equipment will fail to heat the room sufficiently and if the unit is over sized then the unit will start consume more energy thus increasing the operating cost.

The load calculation for installing a HVAC unit is based on various factors. For instance a professional contractor specialized in the field will calculate the total square feet of space that needs to be heated or cooled as well as the climate outside. They’ll also check whether there is any air leaks to consider better insulation to make the unit function more efficiently. Sometimes other appliances may emit some heat which needs to be considered while calculating the load. The design of a home also determines the capacity of the unit. So if you want a unit to be installed in your home calculate the load to determine the capacity of the HVAC system so that you won’t end up with an under sized or an oversized unit.