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Environmental friendly commercial air conditioners

Commercial air conditioner has become an indispensable part of a commercial establishment. You can now find it in almost every public building, shopping malls and offices. Earlier these air conditioners where not designed to be environmental friendly hence emitted harmful gasses to the environment but now the units are designed in such a way that it doesn’t pollute the environment hence are safe. The manufacturers have now replaced harmful carbons with safer options. Thus these cooling units are safe for the environment and will not cause damage to the ozone layer. Refrigerant is a vital gas that is required for an air conditioner to function. The gas when released in the air can cause irreparable damages to the environment. Bearing the harmful effects in mind, manufacturers are now following certain safety measures by storing the gas in tight containers thus preventing it from leaking. They are also trying to recover and recycle the refrigerant so as to ensure that they are not released into the air.

Apart from taking care of handling refrigerant manufacturers are also coming up with energy efficient equipments so that optimum cooling can be achieved at a minimum cost and energy. Refrigerant are now being replaced with a safer gas called Freon. These highly efficient and environment friendly cooling units are of great benefit for the consumer since it helps them to save a lot of money from their energy bill. The US department has introduced a new rating system which can help the consumers decide which unit is more energy efficient.