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Energy efficiency HVAC solution for residential and commercial buildings


Residential and commercial buildings are concerned about the installed and functioning HVAC units that are consuming a lot of energy. Though cutting down such energy expenses by controlling the usage can save you a lot of money, have you ever thought about the comfort you are compromising for reducing the operating cost? One smart way to save energy is to upgrade it to a highly efficient unit for heating or cooling. And when you have finally made the wise idea of upgrading the system, then next most vital aspect to consider is to check for energy stars before purchasing and installing the system. The AFUE rating is what determines the efficiency of a heating unit and the SEER or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio is what determines a cooling unit’s efficiency. Getting yourself educated on these basic facts can help you select the most energy efficient unit for residential and commercial buildings.


Another most important aspect to consider while purchasing the unit is the climate around you. For dry climatic conditions swamp coolers that can humidify the air while cooling can provide you with a comfortable and economical cooling solution. Make a detailed inquiry about the available incentive plans in the state that aims at encouraging energy efficiency. As such units can cost you a lot of money, incentives will sound interesting. A little bit of research can definitely help you in choosing the right heating and cooling unit for your building and such units will bring in energy efficiency which in turn can save you a lot of money. Contacting a green HVAC contractor can make the installation and upgrade process even more overwhelming.