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If you’re looking for an efficient way to cool your Lodi home or business, then it’s time for you to discover all the features and benefits of ductless mini-split cooling and heating systems from Air Temp. We are New Jersey’s #1 authorized Mitsubishi dealer and installation provider. Our entire team of installation technicians is New Jersey certified and licensed to install ductless mini-split cooling systems in homes and businesses across Lodi and the surrounding New Jersey area. Contact us today and let us tell you more about these amazing products.

Why Zoned AC Installation is a Better Choice

If you’re like most homeowners, you probably have an area in your house that never seems to get cool enough during the summertime or warm enough in the dead of winter. This is because most HVAC systems are not equipped to control the temperature of your entire home. Sadly, you lose money adjusting the temperature in order for the system to compensate. You have one unit that is trying to regulate the temperature for an entire building.

For this reason, zoned AC installation was developed to solve the problem of certain regions or ‘zones’ in your house not getting enough cool or warm air. Ductless systems can be installed anywhere in your home – wall units, ceiling units, or standing floor units. They can control the temperature of an entire zone and operate more efficiently than an HVAC system. Each unit has a single thermostat and can regulate specific areas apart from another unit. This setup gives building owners ultimate zone control for flexibility throughout the interior.

Easy Ductless Mini-Split System Installation From Trusted Professionals

One the greatest benefits to choosing ductless AC units are that they’re easy to install. Professional contractors like Air Temp can implement an outside unit, an inside unit and connect them via a conduit in less than half the time it takes to install a standard HVAC system. Since conduit is easier to connect than ductwork, the outside unit doesn’t have to be close to the inside unit. This gives the homeowner flexibility in where they want both units to be installed.

Ductless Mini-Split Systems are Energy-Efficient

Ductwork alone accounts for 30% of cooling or heating air loss throughout a house. Ductless units solve this problem by using a thick conduit that allows zero air to escape. The result is a more energy efficient system which distributes more cool or warm air back into the house instead of allowing it to escape through the attic.

Why You Should Hire Air Temp to Install Your Ductless Unit

If you want your ductless mini-splits zoned AC installation performed correctly, then contact the team at Air Temp. We are the only Mitsubishi installer in Essex, New Jersey who has decades of combined industry experience with products that you know and trust. We pride ourselves in providing affordable installation rates, dependable expert work you can count on, and friendly no-hassle service from the best in the business.

We can visit you on-site for a free inspection and then sit down with you to show you all the options available to you. Don’t let inefficient HVAC systems eat up your paycheck every month. Contact us today at 1.800.969.1232 or message us on our website contact page.

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