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Ductless solutions in Morristown, New Jersey

Are you tired of paying high energy bills and expensive AC maintenance and repairs? The solution is a mini-split ductless unit from Air Temp. We offer a wide range of ductless products designed to bring comfort and safety in home and business. No matter what type of residential or commercial property you own, Air Temp can provide cost-saving, efficient solutions with our air conditioning products.

Air Temp technicians specialize in ductless installation for all types of properties in Morristown, New Jersey. Contact us today and let us offer you a better alternative to that old HVAC unit.

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Where Ductless Units are Needed in Morristown, New Jersey

One of the benefits of ductless systems is that they give you flexibility. You can have your mini-split unit custom-designed to fit anywhere in your home or office. In addition to existing buildings, mini-splits are ideal for new construction where the non-invasive ductless equipment can be used in almost any structural design.

Ductless Systems Applications in Morristown, New Jersey

Where can we install ductless systems? Virtually anywhere. No matter what type of structure you need comfortable air conditioning for, a smaller unit that provides just as much cool air can be used anywhere.

The following benefits and features make it possible to install ductless units in small and large areas.

Fits Almost Anywhere. Ductless units are compact. We can install them in a small space if you don’t have room for a larger unit. Whether you own a large business or a small home in Morristown, New Jersey, you can use the units in the following facilities:

  • Server rooms
  • Condos
  • Basements
  • Garages
  • Attics
  • Buildings that need supplemental units

Quiet Comfort. Standard AC units are noisy and distracting. By contrast, a mini-split ductless AC system operates quietly. You no longer have to worry about loud AC equipment again. You can use units in places such as:

  • Hospitals
  • Churches
  • Bedrooms
  • Recordings Studios
  • Meeting Rooms

Commercial and Residential Installation. You may be alarmed that ductless units are small. Regardless of their size, they are powerful and provide adequate air conditioning for small and large space. They can provide comfort in building such as:

  • Office buildings
  • Multi-tenant dwellings
  • High rises
  • Hotels
  • Industrial complexes

We Offer Comprehensive Ductless Systems Installations in Morristown, New Jersey

If you are ready to make the change to mini-split ductless systems for your home or business, then contact Air Temp. We offer complete installation for residential and commercial properties in Morristown, New Jersey. You can depend on us for dependable service, affordable rates, and exceptional customer service.

To Schedule an installation, call us at 1-800-969-1232, or you can message us on our contact page.

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