Ductless AC Replacement in North Haledon, NJ: Need New Unit?

Whether you have a traditional AC system or an old ductless system, you may be trying to decide if you need to repair your system or replace it. While you may incur some upfront costs getting a new unit, you may save more money down the road.

This could be a good time to explore some alternatives to traditional AC such as a Mitsubishi Electric Ductless AC. Let’s take a closer look at how you can tell when you should repair and when you should replace your air conditioner. If you have any further questions, please contact Air Temp today. We can help you find the right solutions for your air conditioning system.

Ductless AC Systems

How Much Do Traditional ACs Cost to Repair?

The U.S. national average for traditional air conditioner repair is close to $350. On the low end of the scale, basic maintenance service or part replacement can cost as little as $75. On the opposite end of the scale, you could pay as much as $1100 for a motor replacement, air duct replacement, or another significant repair.

A Mitsubishi ductless AC gives you another option. You can pull the old system out and replace it with a simpler ductless AC system, or you can use the ductless system as a supplement to cut down on your central air use. Either way, you can see how a ductless system could help you cut down repair and maintenance costs.

Ductless AC Systems

Older AC Systems Break Down More

How much money have you spent over the last two to three years keeping your air conditioner running? You may be pouring money into repair thinking that anything is better than an AC replacement. In some cases that may be true.

However, if you can’t afford a full-blown central air conditioner, or you want to look into another option, then a ductless system could be the answer. While you may use as a transitional system until you get a new central system at first, you may discover that there is no reason to get a traditional AC system at all. Ductless systems cost far less to buy, install, and maintain. Plus they’ll save you up to 50% in energy costs each year.

Ductless AC Replacement in North Haledon, NJ

Are you interested in finding out more about Mitsubishi Electric Ductless AC systems? Then contact Air Temp. We offer complete ductless systems that are energy efficient, dependable, and will keep your home cool during the summertime.

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Ductless AC Systems

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