Ductless AC Repair in Montvale, NJ: Unit Making Strange Noises

Do you have an older ductless AC system? Is it making strange noises? If so, then contact Air Temp. Our technicians can perform a complete ductless AC inspection to determine how to fix the problem. We offer complete Ductless AC system repair for homeowners in Montvale, NJ.
Below, we look at common reasons why your ductless AC system may be making strange noises. If you have any further questions or schedule an AC repair, contact us today at 800.969.1232.

Ductless AC Systems

Ductless AC Grinding Noise

Each air handler in a ductless system generates a lot of friction during operation, as it circulates air throughout the room. Oiled bearings are installed in the air handlers, to help them run more smoothly. Over time, these bearings will wear down and need to be replaced. As the bearings wear down, the friction on the air handler will increase.

This can generate a grinding sound, in extreme circumstances. If you hear the system making this noise, call for repairs before the air handler motor burns itself out.

Ductless AC Systems

Ductless AC Hissing Noise

If you hear hissing or bubbling noises coming from your system, it could mean that air bubbles have formed in the refrigerant line. The most likely reason for that happening is a leak in the line, which will drain the system over time. This will cause a steady drop in output, followed by ever-increasing malfunctions.

Ductless AC Systems

AC Ductless Short Cycling Noise

Short cycling occurs your ductless system turns on and off every few minutes continuously. It could be caused by a faulty thermostat or a problem with the compressor. Turning on and off can present some significant challenges to your AC system. It could wear the parts out faster than usual. The best solution is to contact an Air Temp contractor to inspect the problem and find the right solution.

If you don’t, the ductless system will eventually break down if you don’t fixe the problem right away. Call for repairs if you hear this, or happen to notice fluid dripping from your system. This is one of those system issues that should never be ignored.

Contact Air Temp for Ductless AC Repair in Montvale, NJ

If you notice that your ductless AC system is making noises, then contact Air Temp. We can perform an AC inspection, identify the problem, and then make the necessary AC repairs. We offer a complete AC service in Montvale, New Jersey.

To schedule AC service, call us at 800.969.1232. You can also send a message on our contact page.

Ductless AC Systems
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