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Do you have a problem with your ductwork?

Have you ever thought why your house is not comfortably and evenly heated or cooled even if your have installed the best HVAC system in your house and that it is working properly? The problem is with the duct work. This happens if your duct works have too many twists and turns that may restrict the flow of air. Such blocks make certain points to develop hot or cold spots making space heating very uncomfortable. If your house is old then the problem worsens as such homes are not designed to adapt modern heating and cooling units.

You can eliminates such problems by installing a booster fan which can help push the air through the duct that will be pushed outside thus blowing in more hot or cold air sufficient to space heat or cool the whole area more evenly. There are different types of booster fans such as Register booster fans and inline duct fan. If you want to go for a cheaper fan option then you can choose register booster fans. It is a plug and play unit and is installed in place of the floor or wall register. This fan works as soon as you on your unit for cooling or heating. You need to shell out money some where around 30 to 80 dollars to install a register booster fan. Inline duct fans costlier than register booster fans but are quieter. Some other factors like dirty air filters, obstruction of air from external particles can restrict the performance of your HVAC unit.