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Do it yourself maintenance tips for your air conditioner

There are a few simple methods that you can follow to keep your air conditioning unit work efficiently. The outdoor unit of your air conditioner needs to be installed in a place where the air flows freely hence trees and branches blocking the unit need to be trimmed so that the unit gets enough space for breathing and functioning efficiently. If leaves or some other debris have fallen over the condenser unit clean them to prevent blocks. Make sure that all landscaping works are done three feet away from the outdoor unit of you’re AC. Since the condenser unit is placed outside it will always be ignored hence will not be cleaned regularly. When the condenser pulls in air it also pulls debris and other pollutants like pollen from outside. This will cause blockage and will even reduce the cooling efficiency of the unit. With the help of a garden hose you can pour water with force to clean the condenser and free it from dirt and dust, thus enhancing air flow which in turn will maintain the efficiency of the unit.

Always keep the filters clean. Uninterrupted air flow is crucial for all air conditioning units to function efficiently. To maintain the airflow it is necessary to change the air filters regularly. The frequency of changing the air filters depends on the use. During the summer season the unit is used for longer hours hence the filters need to be changed more frequently. Clean filters ensure cleaner air circulation, so clean or replace your filters whenever it gets dirty.