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Do it yourself free of cost solar heater

I have recently come across a blog that explains how you can make your own solar heater. The title is what caught my attention. It is simple, cheap and easy to make and above all provides you the benefit of free heating. Heating in the US is very expensive. The cost of installing a heater, the monthly energy bills and heating repair charges cuts a hole in your pocket, so if you can create a heating unit out of junk then it will be a boon for you as you will be able to save at least some amount of money. Extending your heating unit to heat your garage is in fact going to be more expensive so the post that I have stumbled upon can help you built a free solar heater out of any old window frame, few empty aerated soft drink or beer cans and some duct tapes. The aluminum cans are spray painted black so that they can absorb heat easily. Moreover to pass on the heat a small hole is drilled on bottom of the bottom of the can.


These Spray painted cans are neatly arranged by piling them up inside the window frame. The back side of the frame is then covered with a plywood piece so that the heat doesn’t escape. Three holes are drilled on the window frame one at the top and the other two on the sides at the bottom of the frame. It is through these holes that hot air is passed indoor. Keep it in a place where the sun will heat it up and the hot air is then passed indoor to heat the room with this creative work you will be able to enjoy free heating.