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Do it yourself air conditioner maintenance tips

Air conditioners have now become a necessity in every home and work place. In order to ensure that the unit works properly you need to provide it with regular maintenance. Few basic maintenance services that you can do on your own are by checking the unit and cleaning the components if they are dirty. To clean the outside unit you will have to first disconnect the power code and then remove the outer case and then brush of the dirt and leaves that are stuck inside. Take extra care not to damage any parts. A medium power vacuum can be used to pull out the dirt and mud from the coil. The basic services that need to be performed for your air conditioner will be mentioned in the owner’s manual. Sometimes you will have to pour lubricating oil for smooth functioning of the unit. After you are done with the job you need to replace the cover and check the unit by plugging in the wires and switching it on.

Also check the unit for any leaks in the ductwork. If there is a leak then cooled air will escape and reduce the efficiency of the unit so get it sealed to get the maximum out of your cooling unit. Another area where the insulation can be frayed is around the coolant system, check it and get it replaced if missing. After trying all these do it yourself tips still your air conditioner is not working properly or is not running efficiently then call for a professional HVAC service to get the unit fixed.