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DIY tips for cleaning the ducts of a central air conditioner

If you have a central air conditioning system then you will also have ducts installed in your house. Though air filters help trap impurities from the air over time the ducts will get dirty and would require a cleanup. Hiring a professional to clean the ducts will cost you a lot of money doing it yourself will save that extra amount. Check the duct through the grills and if it is found dirty then clean it. You can do it yourself by following the instructions carefully. Once you have determined that the ducts need to be cleaned then the first thing to do is to switch of the unit and then remove the plug from the socket. You will have to arrange for a replacement filter, rags, vacuum cleaner, brushes and screw driver. The replacement filter is to replace the filter if it is clogged and dirty. Usually the filter is replaced every six months. Now remove the screws to pull out the duct cover. Once you have removed all the duct covers clean them. Be careful with the screws so that you won’t lose them.

After thoroughly cleaning the grills with the help of a vacuum cleaner clean the interiors of the ducts till where the brushes of the vacuum cleaner would reach. Make sure that you do it gently or else you may puncture the surfaces. After you finish vacuuming wipe it with a dry rag so that all the moisture is dried out. Once you are done with the cleaning replace all the duct grills and screw it up.