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Different types of pre-insulated ducts

People are now more concerned about their home comfort than anything else. Whatever modern equipments are there to make our home comfortable we try to install them. It is also important to save energy so we need to pay attention on installing energy efficient units. HVAC system plays an important role in maintaining the comfort of our home and it is also the most energy consuming equipment so you have to find out ways to control the energy consumption while installing such units. A pre-insulated duct plays an important role in reducing the energy consumption. There are different types of pre-insulated ducts available in the market for you to choose from. The type you need to choose depends on your budget, layout of the building, climate and other governing factors.

Cost wise you shouldn’t settle with cheap ducts because instead of paying less you will be paying more in the long run. A pre-insulated duct is designed with different layers of materials making it more efficient. The different types of insulation material that are used in a pre-insulated duct are mineral wool, cellulose, fibreglass, polyurethane foam etc. You need to note the positive as well as the negative aspects of these materials to choose the right one for your home requirements. The material mineral wool is a good insulator but it is not fire safe.  Fiber glass material need to be handled with care and is very difficult to install. Cellulose is fire resistant but is difficult to install. The widely used pre-insulated duct is of the material Polyurethane foam. It is cheap, fire resistant and easy to install making it the most preferred choice.