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Different types of HVAC system for commercial buildings

Though both residential and commercial buildings install HVAC system for their cooling and heating requirements it is of more significance to commercial building than a residential building. HVAC system is installed in most of the commercial buildings by professionals because the works involves skill and are complicated that only a trained HVAC contractor can carry out the task. Moreover if the unit is installed by a professional then it would reduce the energy cost. There are different types of commercial HVAC units available in the market. A cooling only Split System is one among the classifications. Like all other HVAC units this system is divided into two main units the indoor unit and the outdoor unit. The indoor unit includes supply fan, cooling coil and expansion device. It is responsible for handling the air flow inside the building. The outdoor unit contains the condensing unit and constitutes the compressor and the condenser coil. This type of HVAC system is found in small commercial buildings and it is considered to be the most energy efficient unit.

Cooling only packaged system is another type of HVAC system that is similar to a split system the only difference being that they are assembled in one case. The unit is installed outside the building and the conditioned air is passed through the building to the connected ducts. Another type of HVAC system that is used in commercial building is a Heat Pump. This unit can be used for both cooling and heating. Another option available for heating and cooling a commercial building is with the help of chilled water system. This type of unit uses chilled water that is converted into cool air.