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Different types of heating systems


Heating system in each home will be different from each other and can range from heat pumps to hot water heating units. The most popular types of heating system are as follows geothermal heating unit, radiant heating system, Forced air heating unit, hydronic heating unit and Steam radiant ones. The forced air system is the most common type and in this system hot air is distributed by heating in a furnace and passing the heated air through ducts with the help of registers. The advantage of this unit is that it filters air and also helps in humidifying the circulated air providing a more comfortable surrounding for the inhabitants. They are also not so very expensive to install.


The radiant heating system is another popular option for heating your home. This requires in-floor hot water tubing. The basic principal behind the working of this unit is passing on the heat from a hot surface to a cold surface. Even though such unit can ensure you a comfortable and even heating they are usually slow in heating up a room and are quite expensive to install. A less popular option for heating is the steam radiant heating system they are in fact very rarely used these days. Boilers are also used for heating homes, they can be powered by fuels like gas, oil electricity etc. The main advantage of boilers is that they are compact in size and are more energy efficient. Moreover they require very little energy for heating.