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Dealing with furnace power supply issue

When we switch on our furnace and find out that it is not working at all then we quickly conclude that our furnace needs some serious repair work. Our first instinct will be to call a HVAC technician to get the issue sorted out. In reality, most of the time when the furnace is not working at all it means that something is wrong with the power supply. Such issues involve a simple fix that can be done on your own, so instead of panicking and calling for help do a quick check on your own. Sometimes the power supply might have been interrupted due to a breaker trip. Check the breaker switch and switch it on if it has tripped and then check whether your furnace is working. If it is still not working then check the service switch on the furnace. Switch it on if it is off.

If all the above aspects are fine then you need to check the red light on the furnace. This indicator light tells us that the power is reaching the furnace. If the red light is not lit then it means power is not reaching the furnace. If all the above check has been completed and still the unit is not working then it means you have a blown out fuse. Next you will have to check the fuse of the furnace that is located on the circuit board. The furnaces that are available now have a 3amp fuse. You need to pull out the fuse from the circuit box and check if it is blown out and if blown out replace it with a new one.