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Covering the vents of your central air conditioner

Central air conditioner is the most comfortable method for cooling adopted by those households who can afford it. It is undoubtedly the most effective cooling method as it is capable of cooling the whole house through the attached ducts that are installed through out the house where ever cooling is required. Since America experiences extreme climates, both heating and cooling equipments are required to maintain a comfortable temperature. During the winter a heating unit is required and during the summer a cooling unit is required. If you have a central air conditioner for cooling then you need to take a few measures during the winter.

 Central air conditioners have vents that can cause heat leak. These vents have to be sealed so as to prevent heat from escaping through this vents. If you have an uncovered vent then it will lead to hot air leak which would increase your energy bill. Vent covers are now available in the market which can be used to cover the vents when the system is not functioning. Obviously we do not need an air conditioner during the winter hence covering it will not do any harm in fact it will only save you a lot of money from your energy bill. Once you seal the vents of your air conditioner your heating expenses will be reduced. The vent covers that are available in the market can be reused hence every winter you can use it to cover the vents thus helping yourself in saving a few bucks.