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Community Power Works aiming to create Seattle a greener city

It is nice to hear that the government provides rebates on electric and gas utility to encourage home owners to give up their oil heated units. In Seattle, this type of rebate are effectively made available and those home owners who still have a oil heated home can not avail for the gas and electric utility rebates. The Community Power Works are trying their best to tap households having lesser efficiency oil powered units and to encourage them to go through energy efficient upgrades. To ensure that all the households are informed about the rebates CPW had procured a mailing list from the Data Marketing Inc. constituting the addresses of oil heated households. Mails where sent to them in about three sets of 10000 each, targeting about thirty thousand household to avail for the energy efficiency services.


In order to motivate them the CPW also included an introductory offer of $500 rebate on submission of a written statement or receipt giving assurance that they will not use oil powered heaters and will upgrade to a more energy efficient heaters. They also had sent a follow up letter to remind those households who have not yet given up their oil tank heating unit. By the end of December 2012 almost 70% of the households had upgraded to a more energy efficient heating solution. After the high sign up rate of the mailing list for oil heated units the CPW also had sent similar mails to households having gas powered heater to sign up for a more energy efficient unit. They are now continuing with the program to achieve a 100% energy efficient city.