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Common problems of a gas furnace

Gas furnace is an affordable system for heating. Gas furnaces are more durable than oil powered furnaces. Since they burn clean they have lesser maintenance this is because gas burns cleaner than oil furnaces. They are also economical to operate as compared to oil powered furnaces. Repairs can arise and the common problems that may arise are explained below. When you switch on your furnace and find that it is not heating the room then it may be due to a control valve that has been closed or due to a blown fuse or due to a damaged thermostat. A blown out fuse can be fixed by your self but problems like a damaged thermostat or a closed control valve need to be fixed by a professional. This type of issues can be fixed within the same day as they are not very complicated.

Another common problem that people face with their furnace is when it is not heating sufficiently. This may be due to a blocked blower or a dirty filter. These issues can be fixed easily by cleaning your furnace. You can do it yourself by referring the manual or call a HVAC professional for servicing the unit. Sometimes you may face a problem where your furnace switches on and off even before heating to the set temperature. This can be due to a clogged blower or filter. It can also be due to a dry motor. With the help of a vacuum cleaner you can clean the blower and the filter.